A Return to Relationship Medicine

The relationship between a doctor and patient is one of the most important ones in a lifetime. Like all quality relationships, it requires trust and respect. Your family doctor should know about your lifestyle, and the choices you are making. About your diet, your culture, your habits and yes, even your health goals. How important is this patient/physician openness? Just suppose that…

• you are pre-diabetic, but your doctor doesn’t know about your sweet tooth.

• you’re feeling depressed, but haven’t told your doctor about your insomnia.

• your grandmother keeps falling, but hasn’t checked her blood pressure recently.

These are care opportunities, rooted in real life – the kind of care that we at Full Circle believe in. We foster honest and non-judgmental dialogue with all our patients, in an atmosphere of confidentiality and mutual respect. We invite you to actively join with us, creating health and harmony in your life.